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When Is It Time to Replace My Countertops?

High quality countertops can last a long time. But if you’ve lived in your home for quite some time and haven’t replaced your countertops, you might be asking, what signs should I be looking for? There are simple signs, such as cracking and erosion, but there are also many other benefits to switching out to high quality quartz or granite countertops.

New granite countertops add value, charm, and lots of style to your kitchen. Take note of any of these signs and consider the switch to granite countertops.

Your countertops are cracking

This is the most obvious sign that it is time to replace. Low-quality countertops will eventually crack and erode over time. They can even wear down until you see the wood or other materials underneath. In some instances, you can repair the countertops, but often it is too late to remediate any of the damage.

Your countertops have unremovable burn marks or stains

If your countertop has endured stains and burn marks, it’s probably time to tear them down. Oftentimes, no amount of scrubbing or sealant will do the trick any more. And lower-quality countertops will show the wear and tear after a while. Make sure you check to see how severe your stains and burns are, as there are ways to remove them without replacing your countertops.

You want to sell your home

If you are in the process of selling your home and want to increase its value, then installing new countertops can increase it tremendously. Not only will this improve your home’s appearance, but you can get a higher return-on-investment. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms for home-buyers, so an updated kitchen could seal the deal.

You want an update to your kitchen

You don’t need to do an entire kitchen remodel if you’re looking to update it. Instead, a new set of countertops can do just fine with improving your kitchen’s appearance. Even if you don’t paint the walls or replace the cabinets, installing new countertops will do a simple job but produce excellent results.

There is never a bad reason to replace your countertops. But if you’re wanting to increase the value and functionality of your kitchen, you should consider high quality granite or quartz countertops as they come with many benefits!