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Predicted Kitchens Trends in 2021

Each year brings a slate of fresh ideas and trends to the home. The kitchen is no exception. Here are the top five expected trends for kitchens in 2021.

Lighting Trends

Natural lighting is always welcomed, and it is looking to be a major trend for kitchens. Windows over the sink and large sliding glass doors are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. Under-cabinet lighting is always here to stay, as it provides an incredibly essential form of light for the kitchen.

While practical lighting is always necessary, we are seeing a rise in very unique and elaborate lighting pieces. Dropdown fixtures with pendant lighting are going to see a comeback.

Paint Colors

Neutral and tonal colors have dominated the interior design scene for the past decade. Beige, white, cream, and light grey have all been incredibly popular in kitchen designs. However, warmer tones are coming into play to help balance the colors. Some combinations are grey and sage green and warmer tans and brown with light creme. Hardwood floors pick up this hue very well, so we may see a rise in hardwood flooring in the kitchen.

Cabinet Choices

Custom cabinets are becoming more popular than ever. Complimenting the color of your kitchen is also increasing in popularity, whether it is of a similar shade or a contrasting tone. Lighter colors are still staying strong as well. There are also some very creative color choices coming into play, which helps create a monochromatic scheme in the kitchen.

Countertop Trends

One of the biggest trends for countertops is the use of quartz. Quartz has seen a rise in popularity due to its highly customizable nature. There is not a single color that you can’t get with quartz countertops. And because we are seeing a rise in complementary color matches, having a highly customizable countertop just makes sense.