Choosing the Right Countertop For Your Lifestyle

If you’ve been scouting out different materials for your kitchen countertops, you’re probably having a difficult time choosing the best type. With so many styles and colors, how do you make the decision? Aside from picking a look that fits within your kitchen’s color and design scheme, you can narrow your choices depending on your kitchen lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect countertop.

Busy Kitchens

If you’re a constant cook who is always whipping something up for the family, then you want to invest in a highly durable yet non-porous stone countertop. The best option for this route would be quartz since it is relatively scratch resistant and not-easily chipped or scraped. Quartz is also highly customizable, so you can pick the right color that matches your appliances and colors.

Easy Living

If you spend ample time in the kitchen and are on the go regularly, you want a countertop that looks great but doesn’t come with all the fuss. Granite is one of the lowest-maintenance countertops because it is incredibly durable. IT is also stain resistant. If properly sealed, it can resist spills and stains for upwards of 15 years! Granite also works well in almost every kitchen design as it comes in many neutral tones. You can get a fantastic countertop that not only looks good but functions well.

Elegant Life

If you live a sophisticated and elegant life, there’s no better option than marble. Marble countertops can be breathtaking. It is a beautiful stone that can be introduced elegantly into any home. However, marble requires a bit more maintenance than the other two stones. It is still very durable but is not stain resistant like granite. Make sure to clean up any mess as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining.