5 Unknown Facts About Quartz

Quartz countertops have become one of the most popular styled countertops in recent years. But did you know that quartz isn’t like normal stone? There are many misconceptions about quartz, so here are the top five lesser-known facts about this beautiful material.

It Is Not Solidly Made of Quartz

Quartz is not a naturally found material. It is man-made, typically consisting of marble, ceramic, pulverized granite, mirrors, glass, and possibly other recycled materials. The mixtures vary, depending on where it was formed. In a sense, quartz is a type of engineered stone, like how many popular hardwood floors are engineered.

Quartz Should Be Installed By a Professional

While some countertop styles could be installed DIY, quartz could be challenging. First of all, because it is a composite of other materials, it is relatively heavy. It also requires more precise techniques to install, compared to other popular countertops. Many companies will only sell their quartz countertops to experienced installers.

Quartz Is The Most Customizable Countertop

Since it is a manufactured product, it can be customized to suit any design. Whether you want a solid color, or want to mimic marble or concrete, anything is possible with quartz! The blending process remains consistent for quartz manufacturing, to ensure there is a uniform look.

Quartz Is Becoming More Popular Than Granite

It might be shocking to hear this, but granite is no longer reigning supreme in holding the title of most popular countertop style. Recent trends have shifted quartz into the competition, as it is more durable and less maintained than granite. Many people often don’t see a difference between the two, which makes it even more desirable if you’re going for a granite look!

Quartz Is Incredibly Resilient

Quartz is an extremely durable alternative to natural countertop styles, like granite or marble. Since it is a hard material, it is not porous and won’t chip as easily. In essence, it is indestructible. While it should be cleaned often, it doesn’t require additional sealing to maintain its beauty.

Were you surprised by these quartz facts? Nowadays, there are so many alternatives to traditional countertop choices, and the most obvious choice is one that will last a lifetime and won’t require a lot of upkeep. Consider installing quartz countertops for your next kitchen makeover, because you may be surprised by how amazing this material is!

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