Top Three Granite Trends in 2021

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen countertops. You might be wondering what the top trends are for 2021. Here are the major stand-out trends for granite kitchen countertops in 2021.

Keep it Neutral

Neutral tones remain increasingly popular. Inspired by minimal Scandinavian design, these colors are perfect for a simple yet stunning design. There has been a drastic shift from the stark, white kitchens, to that with a bit more contrast of warm, neutral tones. Browns, golds, and even copper accents are common for granite countertop colors and patterns.

Honed Granite

Honed granite provides a matte appearance compared to glossier surfaces. It is softer and can have a more natural appearance. Honed granite is becoming more popular as interior design trends shift towards more natural and rustic looks.

Veining and Patterns Rise in Popularity

Veins and patterns in kitchen countertops are slowly creeping up on the pure white kitchen countertop trends that emerged over the past few years. Stones that have natural character are becoming more appealing than the blankness of white countertops. Veining can add subtle and dramatic color pops if paired with the right hies.

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