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This Year’s Top Kitchen Trends

Houzz is a huge inspiration for lots of homeowners and decorators around the world. Every year, Houzz releases a Kitchen Trends report that gets people excited about new designs, layouts, and styles to try. These trends will set the tone for how kitchens will start to look in the coming years, and even years down the road. They will run the gamut from storage options, to layout ideas, to color schemes. If you are looking at redesigning or remodeling your kitchen, or you simply want to know what is on the horizon, here is a rundown of the Houzz kitchen trends for 2018.

Layout and Design

It seems like no matter how much you already have, everyone is looking for more space in their kitchen. Obviously, the larger kitchen you have, the more options you have when it comes to the layout. You may be looking at extending your space, or simply trying to find ways to make what space you have more efficient. The Houzz report found that the majority of people renovating their kitchen were going with an open concept plan. There was a slight majority who were looking to get more outdoor access to their kitchen. This means they either want more natural light, or doorways to the yard or garden.

Because of this demand for more space and open-plans, kitchen islands are extremely popular. More than 40 percent of Houzz users have an island in their kitchen. The reason that islands are so popular is because they make use of empty space, and are a convenient spot to prepare food while socializing at the same time. They can be great for added storage.


Speaking of storage, there are some trends to be aware of in this department as well. When people say they want more space, oftentimes it is because they simply do not have enough space to store all of their kitchen “stuff.” A full 80 percent of the Houzz community wanted to add or make better use of their space for storage. 55 percent wanted to find ways to reduce their clutter. Cutlery organizers and deep drawer organizers. These can include things like having peg boards inside of drawers and cupboards to hold pans. Having a pantry may seem old-fashioned, but it is still very much in fashion. 39 percent of the community use a pantry and many more want one.

Style and Looks

In many cases, the trends and styles of the time are reflected in the aesthetics of the kitchen. How it looks is very important, as the style of kitchen one has can reflect the personality of the homeowner. Most are looking for a contemporary look. Strangely, while dark shades of blue and green are popular for modern styles in other rooms, they are not popular in the Houzz community for kitchens. Only 8 percent said they had blue cabinets, for instance. White and grey remain the most popular options.

The worktop is maybe the most important part of creating the style you want. It spreads around the entire kitchen, and a great looking worktop can draw the eye. Quartz is the current most popular choice for worktops. It provides durability and modern looks. Granite is in second place. For colors, respondents continue to desire lighter shades, especially white or off-white. Just a small portion, at 15 percent, went with black for a worktop color.

Houzz is a great resource for the budding or veteran home designer. Many top professionals share their projects and ideas on the site. The community is a vibrant mix of novices and experts, and there are certain to be ideas you can use for your kitchen or for any other room in the house. This study was conducted with respondents who had recently undertaken a kitchen renovation project within the previous year or are currently working on a project. Hopefully this will get your creative juices going for your upcoming kitchen project.


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